Roundtable Members

The Ethics Roundtable is comprised of a group of community leaders who share a common interest in promoting ethics in business and government.  If you are interested in joining our organization, please use the contact tab above.

Pete Cartwright – Chair

   Power Industry
   Founder, Calpine Corporation

Marshall Burak

   Former Dean of the College of Business
   San Jose University

Sunny Claggett

   Organizational Development Consultant

Rick Davis

   Engineer, Retired

Frank Fiscalini

   Former Vice Mayor, City of San Jose
   Former Superintendent of Schools,
   East Side Union High School  District

Robert Fox

   Markovits & Fox

Stanley Gould

   Architect, Retired

William Highlander

   Lt Col, US Army, Retired
   Corporate Communications Executive, Retired

Bob Kieve

   KLIV/KRTY Radio

William C. Parrish, Jr.

   Chief Executive Officer
   Santa Clara County Medical Association
   Monterey County Medical Society
   The Bureau of Medical Economics

Bob Shepard

   Retired IBM

Colleen Wilcox, Ph.D.

   Retired Superintendent of Schools

Mark Waxman

   Chief Marketing Officer
   CBIZ, Inc.


In memorium…

Carl Cookson, Founding Chairman (1932-2014)