The Death of Ethics in America

Most people believe that the definition of Ethical Activity is doing the “Right Thing”. The question that has to be addressed is how one knows what the right thing is? This is a more complicated discussion which invariably is based on life experiences derived from lessons learned from your family as well as what one learns in school and other interpersonal relationships.

However, no one can deny that maintaining High Ethical Standards to a large degree is set by a countries leadership, namely the President of the United States. Obviously ethical decisions are made everyday at a local level (City, County, State, etc.) However, if the leadership at a national level is inept or corrupt it becomes more gray then black and white for the typical citizen to be comfortable regarding what is an ethical decision or one that is purely based on ideology and partisan politics.

I was hopeful that a low point had been reached when various “Phony Scandals” were brought up regarding such subjects as Fast and Furious, “ObamaCare”, Benghazi, NSA, James Rosen, the IRS scandal which  illegally silenced free speech by holding up conservative viewpoints associated with 501C4 legitimate organizations which all had a direct impact on the 2012 Presidential Election. More recently the IRS scandal has intensified with the implausible scenario associated with the missing E-Mails of Lois Lerner.

The interesting commonality to all these scandals included shock and dismay that any such scandal existed; rage and commitment to study and hold responsible people accountable which to this day has not occurred in any of these events and based on comments by both the President and Attorney General are unlikely to ever occur.

However over the past few months a new low has been reached with two new scandals associated with the VA, the exchange of a POW who appears to be a enemy sympathizer and possible deserter for five high ranking Taliban leaders who were directly involved in killing thousand of Americans on 9/11 and beyond.

In regard to the VA scandal as far back as 2008 Senator Obama and then President Obama stated it would be the cause of his Presidency to ensure that Veterans received the best care America could offer to address many horrific physical and mental treatments as required. The end result was the creation of a bureaucracy more concerned with achieving annual bonus payments then giving veterans the treatment our country was committed to provide. As a result over 1,000 veterans died before receiving treatment that could have saved their lives.

In addition, President Obama has taken a position to disregard all immigration laws resulting in tens of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing our borders exposing legal citizens to crimes against their communities not to mention the costs associated with this illegal migration which American taxpayers are burdened  with..

Perhaps beyond all of the issues discussed above is his most recent heinous decision to send pink slips to soldiers in actual combat zones, in effect telling them that their services are no longer necessary nor appreciated. This is an ultimate insult to all of our current American military and veterans who have served to defend our country.

The United States has lost the respect of the World as it is considered weak with a focus on appeasement rather the supporting Freedom and Democracy around the world. As a veteran of the Viet Nam Era serving in Germany in the 3rd Armored Division in 1966/1967. I am sickened by the governments approach to foreign policy which appears to support our enemies and alienates our most trusted allies such as Israel.

As many of you may recall there was a famous motion picture staring Frank Sinatra called the Manchurian Candidate in 1962 and remade in 2004 . The only positive thing regarding President Obama is that in 2017 he may have a natural movie career in the third making of the Manchurian Candidate.

Bob Shepard
San Jose,  8/26/14

SVER NOTE: The opinions in this article are solely those of the author and do not reflect those of the Silicon Valley Ethics Roundtable. Articles are posted for comment and discussion.


  1. I am in total agreement with Mr. Shepard’s observations, and am strongly tempted to add to the litany of ethical offenses committed by President Obama and his administration, but will restrain myself because any politically sentient observer of the American political scene who has not already concluded that President Obama is a corrupt, serial lying socialist demagogue never will despite the preponderance of evidence. Rather I will simply observe that the members Senate and House who have placed party loyalty above their oath of office and the needs of the United States by supporting Obama do not deserve reelection.

    Stanley Zaffos

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