Thanks to Jonathon Gruber I now understand how Stupid I must be!

In previous opinions I have published on this website I have discussed in detail how ideology justifies lying and unethical behavior. (See my article entitled Presidential Ethics-Seven Principles dated February 3, 2014). In that article I detail the various lies associated with ObamaCare as well as lies associated with various other scandals.

However, based on recent tapes released of speeches made by Jonathan Gruber from MIT, who is proclaimed to be the architect of ObamaCare, I now realize how stupid I must have been. In the various comments made by Mr. Gruber, all available on YouTube., he clearly states that the law was written in tortured language due to the fact that the American public was too stupid to understand what was in the law and if told that ObamaCare was scored by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) as a series of taxes that the American public would never have supported the bill from its inception.

Mr. Gruber also educated all of us that “Lack of Transparency is a huge Political Advantage” which was required for the bill to pass. This comment was particularly interesting as President Obama ran on a platform that included that his administration would be the most transparent in American history.

However, Mr. Gruber as an academic elitist who has never worked a day in the private sector, one has to question how stupid the American public actually is. He pontificates that the American public was too stupid to deal with the truth. However, if that is the case why didn’t he simply tell the truth which any of us with such low IQ’s would not have understood to begin with?

I submit that Mr. Gruber underestimates the intelligence of the American Public as evidenced by the recent election results which repudiated virtually every President Obama policy whether it be domestic or foreign policy. ObamaCare was never supported by the American Public and had to be passed in the middle of the night with not one Republican vote and required under the table double dealing and Harry Reid bypassing normal processes to pass the package. As Speaker Pelosi clearly stated at the time, “You must pass the bill before you know what is in it”.

I submit to Mr. Gruber and all other arrogant academic elitists such as himself that the stupid American Public spoke on November 4th and just maybe Mr. Gruber should look in the mirror and see who the truly stupid one is.

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  1. I must disagree somewhat with Mr. Shepard’s conclusion because the most plausible explanations for President Obama’s reelection in November 2012 following the passage of ObamaCare, scandals too numerous to count, and domestic and foreign policy failures as far as the eye can see are: the majority of American voters are stupid, identity politics outweighed integrity and competence, and/or voters selling their votes to the party of big government in return for handouts. With the massive amounts of waste, fraud, and corruption that accompany most if not all government income redistribution programs, I am inclined to lump supporters of ever bigger government into one or more of the above categories.

    Given these plausible explanations I am in the unenviable position of hoping that Mr. Gruber’s correct when he describes the American voter as uninformed or stupid because stupid at least is curable as witness the drubbing that the Democrats took in last year’s election whereas defects in character are not. Hopefully my fellow citizens will stop suspending disbelieve in the 2016 elections when politicians left and right will promise anything and everything in return for their votes and measure them on their past votes and promises.

    Stanley Zaffos

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