Presidential Ethics—Seven Principles

Does Ideology, justify Lying, and Unethical Behavior

In thinking about Presidential Ethics I found generic list of 7 principles (Ref:attached article by Ed Perley, VocExile/Presidential Ethics) which I believe would be an acceptable list for any President to be measured against whether he or she be Republican or Democrat. In thinking of last 5 years and specifically the run-up to the 2012 elections I find that the President has violated multiple  principles so many times that the office and country has been diminished both here and abroad. Some examples are listed below.

  1. Obama Care Lies: If you like your Dr you can keep your doctor! If you like your Medical Plan you can keep your Plan! Obama Care will save a typical Family $2,500 a year! As of 12/31/13 over 6 million had their plans cancelled and Obama care options were significantly more costly in both annual premiums as well as deductibles. Using Gov numbers only 2 million have enrolled, thus, on a net basis there are 4 million less insured then there were on 10/1/13. Most of the people who actually enrolled were people who had their policies cancelled and not those who had pre condition problems. Most of those people with pre conditions had significant Gov subsidies as well. The backend process has not been programmed so we don’t know how many people have really been enrolled and paid their premiums. Of the 2 million enrolled approx 50% have enrolled in Medicaid which was not part of the  projection for Obama care enrollments which are now being claimed as part of the 1/1/14 results. It is clear that a major bailout of insurance companies will be required since younger, healthier people are not enrolling at projected numbers.
  2. Benghasi Lies: It is evidently clear that the attack in Benghasi had absolutely nothing do with a protest that went bad as a result of a video that inflamed protesters. Evidence has finally seeped out that Obama, Hagle and Hillary knew it was a terrorist attack yet they created a false scenario which was exacerbated by Rice on Sunday talk shows and continued for several weeks to include speeches made in front of parents of 4 killed in attack and continued weeks later at UN speech where Obama continued to refer to Video. To this day Obama has not released info as to his whereabouts the day and night of event. All we know is he went on campaign trip the next morning to Las Vegas. Obama promised  to capture people responsible and to this day nothing has occurred while suspects have been seen and interviewed by press in Libya. All of these lies were done to get past Nov 2012 election without contradicting Obama position that Bin Laden was dead and  the terrorists were on the run!!
  3. IRS Scandal:  It is clear that Conservative NPO’s were targeted by IRS to delay and not approve requests from tea party organizations which prevented these organizations from fund raising. The original take was that 1 or 2 rogue employees in Cincinnati were responsible with no approval from White House. Needless to say key employee (Lois Lerner) took 5th amendment rights in Congressional Hearings and it has been documented that various Conservative NPO’s had there request reviewed by White House counsel who reported directly to White House. To make matters worse an investigator recently assigned to find fault has cleared White House and IRS from any violations without even interviewing any of the victim organizations. Investigator is a contributor to Obama Campaign!!
  4. Fast and Furious Gun Running Scandals.  Obama and AG Holder said they did not have any advance knowledge of this scandal. Holder was held in contempt of Congress for indicating he only heard about scandal two weeks before it broke and eventually it became clear he knew several months in advance.
  5. Presidential Abuse of Power: Over the last few weeks Obama has publicly stated he will use his power of Pen and Phone to do what he wants regardless of Congressional Support. He did this with recess appointments which is under review by Supreme Court as Congress was not in recess when he made recess appointments. Not mentioned in discussion of ObamaCare, President has unilaterally changed law which is not within his rights to do which is currently being challenged by Congress. In addition the AG under direction of President has decided not to follow many laws passed by Congress to include Immigration and Marriage laws.
  6. AG Holder: Lied to public when he said he had no knowledge of wiretap of Fox reporter Rosen when he had actually signed  indictment document.
  7. Fiscal Policy: In running for election he accused Bush of being unpatriotic because of how he handled economy which was approx 8 trillion in debt when he left office. After 5 years Obama has doubled debt to almost 17 trillion and his answer is more taxes, more  spending without regard to the debt limit. His stimulus package was nothing more the a bailout for public sector unions which simply saved public sector jobs which allowed union dues to be funneled back to DNC.
  8. In collusion with Senate Leader Reid he supported and Senate passed rule to eliminate Philabuster of Federal Judges by changing 60 Vote Requirement to a simple Majority rule of 51 votes. The 60 vote requirement was a Senate requirement for over 200 years.
  9. He has openly disparaged and continually raises the race card if anyone disagrees with his policies.

In summary, presidential ethics has been destroyed by Obama, which has diminished the office both here and in foreign affairs where his pro Arab and anti Isreal position has weakened our country and exposed the World to a Nuclear Iran. His current deal with Iran which effectively eliminates sanctions and does little to nothing to stop development of Nuclear Bomb while censoring Isreal at every opportunity is a disgrace for the only trustworthy and democratic country in the Mideast..

In conclusion Obama’s socialist ideology focused on redistribution of wealth, bigger government through more control of our personal lives has superseded the need to follow the US Constitution.

Bob Shepard

SVER NOTE: The opinions in this article are solely those of the author and do not reflect those of the Silicon Valley Ethics Roundtable. Articles are posted for comment and discussion.

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