Position Papers

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Upgrade

On behalf of the residents, taxpayers and patients in Santa Clara County, our organization is calling on you to take responsibility and accountability for the construction debacle at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. We are the Silicon Valley Ethics Roundtable, a diverse group of involved citizens with backgrounds in business, non-profits, and government. We volunteer […]

San Jose Police Academy graduates leave for Greener Pastures

There is a major ethical issue regarding San Jose Police Academy graduates being advised by their union officials to consider leaving the San police department after completing their training. The training is reported to cost San Jose approximately $140,000 per graduate. At present there is a significant concern regarding public safety in San Jose. But, […]

Silicon Valley Ethics Roundtable – Notes on October 29, 2013 Meeting

The topic of the day was “Ethics and the Law” The intersection of the thousands of local, national and international laws and each individual’s personal ethics is complex. Henry David Thoreau, though, had a clear vision. He said, “The only obligation which I have a right to assume is to do at any time what […]

Presidential Ethics—Seven Principles

Does Ideology, justify Lying, and Unethical Behavior In thinking about Presidential Ethics I found generic list of 7 principles (Ref:attached article by Ed Perley, VocExile/Presidential Ethics) which I believe would be an acceptable list for any President to be measured against whether he or she be Republican or Democrat. In thinking of last 5 years […]

ETHICS IN LEADERSHIP… Seeking your comments!

Whether at home, a small business, the political arena, or in the boardroom, it is those leaders making decisions for others that shoulder the most ethical responsibilities. It is a leaders responsibility to make the best decision for those they represent, not themselves. Economist and management guru, Peter Drucker captured it when he said: “Management […]

A call for an ethical campaign

As members of the Silicon Valley Ethics Roundtable, we have been watching with more than passing interest the conduct and the outcome of the Special Election recently held to fill the vacant District 2 seat on the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. As expected, that election resulted in the need for a runoff election […]