Benghazi Whistleblower Cover-Up

A Personal Opinion by Bob Shephard

The Benghazi Congressional Whistleblower hearings this week illustrate unethical actions on the part of the White House and State Department to politicize the tragic death of four American heroes. The hearings clearly demonstrated that President Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton lied to the American public in three critical areas:

  1. The Administration lied to the American public regarding activities associated with requests to provide the Benghazi location additional security prior to the attacks on 9/11.
  2. The Administration lied to the American public regarding activities associated with the events during the attack itself to include instructing our military to stand down and not provide immediate support to Americans under attack which may have saved the lives of these American heroes.
  3. The Administration lied to the American public subsequent to the attack with the story the attack was an impromptu demonstration resulting from a video which has proven to be a total untruth.
  4. These lies were exacerbated with subsequent statements by UN Secretary Rice (5 times on all the Sunday talk shows), Secretary of State Clinton as well as President Obama who continued to lie to the families of the fallen heroes when their bodies were brought back to America as well as statements made by President Obama at the United Nations 2 weeks after the event. It is clear that  everyone in the administration was well aware that the attacks were a planned terrorist attack by al-Qaeda affiliated organizations

Needless to say the unanswered question is why the Administration lied. The answer is simple, the administration had a narrative, that Bin Laden was dead and that  al-Qaeda were on the run. Needless to say this was and is a lie but was a fundamental talking point the administration was pushing prior to the general election in November 2012.

President Obama had proclaimed in multiple speeches that his administration was the most ETHICAL and TRANSPARENT administration in history. As of this date we have not only heard multiple lies from President Obama but we don’t even know where President Obama was during and after the attack began. Clearly, Benghazi contradicted those claims and is not only disgraceful but could and should be the basis for impeachment proceedings against  President  Obama.

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